Five Amazing Luxurious Hotels for your stay in Colorado

Wondering where to find your dream vacation place? Are you on vacation with your family, or are you on a leisure trip Colorado? Wondering where to find that relaxing place where you would enjoy the best facilities in terms of room comfort, pools and hot rubs, massage, eat healthy food courses, enjoy natural resorts, a sporting arena, fast WiFi and much more? Here are a few top quality hotels in Colorado which offer just want you need for a superb family trip:

Broadmoor,Lake Avenue

is an ideal place to visit. Here’s what it has to offer: 18 on-site dining options, a luxurious spa for your relaxation including a three championship golf course. Guests enjoy free WiFi, numerous pools and hot tubs, flat room cable TV per room with kitchens and a balcony. The lounges are perfect, neat and timely restaurant services with both out and in-room dining. You actually get to enjoy your money and a little bit more. The satisfaction of the customers is of topmost priority to management. Many other options are attached to booking a room in Broadmoor. Its cuisine is excellent, it has a five star rating and in no way places restrictions on pet owners.


The Dolce ResortCheyenne Mountain Resort Colorado Springs

This is another fantastic place for your vacations. It has both indoor and outdoor tennis courts, a 25acre lake for sailing, swimming pools including a championship golf. They provide free toiletries, a hairdryer, air conditioned rooms with cabled TV. A beautiful garden known as Garden of the Gods is around the premises. Other natural facilities are free parking, food and drinks, sauna, a fitness center and lastly but not the least, the beds are soft and comfortable for an enjoyable night sleep.

The Academic Hotel Colorado Springs

The one thing amongst others which often gets the attention of the customers is the warmth of the staff. They are so welcoming, take their duties seriously to offer the best possible customer satisfaction and maintain good relationships with their customers. They have a five star rating, their rooms are orderly, the prices match their services including the breakfast set up, the location is at the center of town, close to other attractions.

Hyatt Place Colorado Springs Garden of the Gods

From its name, it is a dream location for a memorable family vacation. It offers a sane environment for all groups of people, young, old, abled and disabled. The rooms are spacious, comfortable beds, free toiletries, swimming pools, shuttle services, fast WiFi with an addition of satellite channels added to the cable pack. The unique trait about this hotel is it offers business facilities with certain facilities that could make you think of the comfort of a home. The staff are welcoming, food is great, sporting and technological tools are very much up to date.

Last but not the least is 

The Lodge at Flying Horse

 Built in a European style has a resort-style golf clubhouse located in Colorado Springs. It has an athletic club and spa, a mountain and golf side views, a beautiful country side for site seeing. Certain items a offered for free, while others at a relatively low cost, the bars and restaurant is great, the amenities perfect and the staff help make staying there easy. It is a lovely place to visit and enjoy a pleasant trip with family.

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